A Sacrifice for the Dream Job

We always don’t get what we wish for. It might be because it’s not the right time yet or it could be that life wants to teach us a lesson. Then sometimes our wishes get granted. We get what we wished for anyways but it comes with a cost because nothing in life is free.

For a couple of months ago, I was on the job market applying for jobs that are relevant to my educational background and expertise. Though I got quite a number of interviews, I didn’t get a position in the same city. The competition is high in the city because everyone wants to work there. So, I expanded my search and applied for jobs outside the city and county and luckily I got my dream job as a radiographer at a hospital in Sunnfjord kommune (municipality). I got very happy of course but at the same time sad because it means that I won’t be able to see and hug my child 5 days in a week because my new work place is at least 3 hours from home. I have to stay and live by the hospital during weekdays for work. It’s a sacrifice yes, but I’m doing it not only for me but also for the family.

The neighborhood by the hospital and a mountain

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