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  • A Sacrifice for the Dream Job

    A Sacrifice for the Dream Job

    We always don’t get what we wish for. It might be because it’s not the right time yet or it could be that life wants to teach us a lesson. Then sometimes our wishes get granted. We get what we wished for anyways but it comes with a cost because nothing in life is free. […]

  • The Newest Member of the Family

    The Newest Member of the Family

    Let me introduce Molly. A Norwegian forest cat from Odda Norway. My sister adopted her a couple of months ago. She’s a very shy cat and cautious at first, but once she sees that you’re not a threat, she’ll try her best to catch your attention. 🙂                 […]

  • RIP Pushy the Cat

    This is going to be the saddest post here in my blog. Our beloved cat Pushy is gone. She was 12 years old. The vet said that it got cancer and the chance for it to survive if we put her to chemo is very little. So my parents have decided to put an end […]

  • Passion for the Things You Love to Do and Being Kind to Your Pets

    I’ve been to my friend’s crib today and guess what she cooked dinner for us! It’s really so nice of her! I love the food. It’s pasta with beef and very good sauce! I think she could be a professional cook someday because her cooking skill is very impressive. I forgot to take a picture […]