Passion for the Things You Love to Do and Being Kind to Your Pets

I’ve been to my friend’s crib today and guess what she cooked dinner for us! It’s really so nice of her! I love the food. It’s pasta with beef and very good sauce! I think she could be a professional cook someday because her cooking skill is very impressive. I forgot to take a picture of it.. crap! oh kidding!
Oh speaking of pictures. It is very funny how I am soooo obsessed with taking pictures! Seriously. I can’t live without a camera wherever I go. I love to take pictures of small things or events that are happening around me. My friends and my boyfriend told me that I can be a photographer someday. They said that I should get a job that I will definitely burn for. I know they are right. However, I’m not yet prepared and besides I only do it for fun but who knows I might be a professional photographer someday!
Anyway, my friend Cha got a new member of their family. They bought a golden retriever pup! It’s name is Theo. He’s 2 months and a half old. I’m so happy for her and for hubby. They deserve Theo and Theo deserves them as well. They are very kind to their pets and treat them as a part of the family which is I think is very important. For me it is a big responsibility to have one, like having a baby of your own. Okay now I’m so inspired to have a dog of my own but not right now. I need to prepare financially and of course I need my own place for that.
Oh I forgot to mention that I love cats too. My fascination of cats started when I was around 8 or 9 years old. Someone in the family was torturing a cat outside our home by putting a thin leash around its neck and by spilling water on the it. I got so pity with the poor fellow so the day after I unleashed it and took it inside our apartment and hid it away from my evil relative. I took care of it and I realized that I liked cats. There’s this belief in the Philippines that if you treat your cats well they bring luck, if not they’ll bring you tragedies and sadness in life. This is so true!
Here’s the first situation:
My cousin and his wife brought home a street cat one day. The cat looked famished and terrible but because of the couple’s tlc (tender love and care) the cat recovered its strength within a week or two. It started gaining weight and the sores healed fast. Most of the people in the Philippines only gives left over foods to their cats, because it is cheap and most of all for them it’s just an animal but for my cousin Muning (the name of the cat) was like a child for them so they’d buy fresh fish for Muning to eat. To make the story short, after a few months they moved to the province with their cat. My cousin got promoted on his job and had finally bought his own house and lot. He goes to work while his wife opened a small kiosk and eatery at their place and they live happily ever after!
Second situation:
It was my evil relative who tortured a cat (already mentioned above). I don’t talk to him anymore so I really don’t care if he’s happy or not but I heard that he’s sick now. Talk about bad karma!

It really pays off if you like what you’re doing. Like my friend, she loves to cook that’s why her food is really good. It’s the same in photography, the pictures will tell if you took the photos with passion or if you put your heart to it.
If you have a pet or getting one. You should be kind to it who knows it may be your guardian angel in disguise. šŸ™‚ It’s a living creature too like us.

Here is a video clip of Theo.

A picture I took in Sauda

A video clip of my parent’s cat Pushie.


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