Photo 101: Big

Stavanger is not a big city compared to New York or London but it also has a lot to offer to its guests. One of them is the Three Swords, a famous tourist attraction located at Hafrsfjord. It's just a 12-15 minute drive from Stavanger centre. The three big swords represents the three kings, King... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Christian World Baby E!

It's been 2 years now since I last stepped on a Catholic church's ground. If not for the baptism of my friend's daughter, I wouldn't be here. The number one reason for not coming here is that I don't practice the Catholic faith anymore. I'm a converted Protestant by heart now for some personal reasons, nevertheless I... Continue Reading →

Donald Duck and Friends

We took a tour at a small lake at Ålgård today to feed these cute creatures. :)Can you tell which ones are the female ducks and which are the male ones?I think they didn't like my camera...My bf feeding the ducks.That's me trying to lure the ducks to come to me. God they're smart!I found... Continue Reading →

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