A Race Against Darkness

One thing that I hate about autumn and winter days is the limited amount of daylight that we get. It’s very typical that we are always inside during the day because of work and we only have a couple of hours of daylight after. But that’s the reality of life-we can’t have everything. However, we can do something about it by changing our habits or outlook in life. So instead of thinking that I only have two hours of daylight for a walk, I tell myself that I have time for a walk (no matter how long or short it is. Walk is a walk!).

Today the weather was great and I’ve decided to explore a new place after my shift. I was finished at 3 pm. I ate dinner right away and drove to an outdoor museum just 10 minutes drive from the hospital in Førde. Sunnfjord Museum is the name of the outdoor museum by the way. When I get there it’s already closed but it’s free to walk around and appreciate the view. What I mean by close is the old houses and the ticketing office. They’re open from 10 am to 3 pm. But, it is still worth a visit because the view is spectacular and the place is just beautiful.

Then I walked to the direction of Mostien because I wanted to see the Huldefoss (Hulde waterfalls). Unfortunately, I didn’t get near it because the fog came and it was starting to get dark. But I’m still satisfied and happy that I got the chance to take a walk today. 🙂

Information board by the parking lot.
Old house/cottage
Boat houses

I hope you enjoy my post. 🙂

The way we spend our time defines who we are. -Jonathan Estrin


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