Alone but not lonely

Today’s my very first evening shift at my new job. It went well despite of the feeling of exhaustion eventhough I had an 8 hour sleep last night. I feel that I never get enough sleep no matter how long or short I sleep and I think it’s because I’m feeling anxious about the future and I think about the lessons that the previous years have brought me.

Getting up was hard today but I’m glad that I did get up before lunch because I got to do some errands and visit the cafe near my gym. I had “free” food and hot drink because of the giftcard that I got from my personal trainer. I sat on the corner by the window in the cafe. My mood got better when I got my cafe mocha. 🙂 I also called my good friend and had a lovely chat with her while I was enjoying my cup of mocha and watching other elderly people walk in and out of the cafe.

A cosy cafe
My cafe mocha

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