My Dumbbell Set

I bought a set of dumbbells yesterday because I have decided to take my workout into the next level. Also, I am cutting down my monthly expenses by almost 11 percent, so yes I had to plan and to prioritize. Sadly my long term plans are a bit demanding, so I definitely have to sacrifice something (like impulsive shopping and trips) and work harder in order to achieve my goals thus some things and habits would have to go. 😦
Anyway, the dumbbells cost 299nok. It is really affordable. But the original plan was to buy a kettlebell, but an 8 kilo kettlebell costs more than this set of dumbbells and aside from that it is impractical because the weight can not be adjusted. 


And since I am restless most of the time, having a pair of dumbbells at home helps me to calm down and reduce uneasiness. 

Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body

Keeping a healthy mind and a healthy body is not that easy as it sounds. Sometimes we tend to forget that these two goes hand in hand or maybe some of us does not know what a healthy mind and a healthy body is.
For me, a healthy mind is a worry free mind, a mind with happy thoughts and a mind full of dreams. While a healthy body is a body free from sickness, free from fatigue and a healthy body is working body.
But how do we achieve it when we are exposed to the harshness of our environment?
  • Β It should always start with yourself. Know what you really want in your life. Contemplate. What are your goals? Are you contented with your lifestyle now? If not, are you willing to move on and do something with it? Decide.
  • As much as possible keep the negative people out of your life. Do not assosiate yourself with them because negative vibes will only give you worries and headaches. They are only a waste of time and energy. So ignore them and focus on yourself and the people who bring out the best in you.
  • Plan. There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous but sometimes planning is the best way to effectively achieve our goals. For instance, planning when to go to the gym and planning what to eat this week and the coming week.
  • Make time for exercise, whether at home, outside or at the gym. Exercise is good for the health. Do not make the “I’m tired” excuse. What is 45 minutes of walking everyday (just an example)? Remember, we all get tired and if you are always tired then you might want to have it checked with your doctor. Tiredness is sometimes our defence mechanism against the fear of getting tired or in other word, laziness.
  • Eat healthy but it does not mean that you have to cut your favorite fastfood or chocolates but have a balanced diet. Too much of something is bad for you. Remember that you are what you eat. So what you put in your body will have an effect on you later.
  • Do not forget to rest/sleep. Remember, our body needs to regenerate after a long day of working, studying and working out. Failing to do so would weaken your immune system thus making you vulnerable to sickness.
  • Lastly, do not forget to have fun.


I always eat healthy on a daily basis, but I also love to eat sweets and food rich in carbohydrates.


I always keep in mind that being fit is more important than looking sexy. When you’re fit and healthy, the rest follows.


I always take water with me everywhere I go or run πŸ™‚

Walk for Life

Walking is my exercise now. It is the simpliest and cheapest form of working out. Before, I used to work out in the gym but now I choose to take exercising out in the nature because of my personal financial issue. Well, it is not easy for me to pay bills because I’m not working all the time and I’m also a full time student.

This year I put my health on top of my priority. I told myself that we should start to take care of ourselves now to avoid chronic illnesses in the future, to increase our self confidence, to improve alertness and to have an active lifestyle.

These past few years, I was a weakling and I had to see my doctor at least once a month to know why I always get stomach ache, get nauseous, dizzy, depressed and felt like I’m dying. I had an endoscopy and fortunately the result was negative. So I asked my doctor what could be the possible reasons why I was feeling weak and sick given by the fact that there is nothing wrong with my tummy. He told me that it is probably because of lack of motion, and lack of vitamins and minerals in my system.

Anyway here are the reasons why walking is good for you.

  1. It improves blood circulation.
  2.  Reduce risks of certain types of diabetes.
  3.  It helps you to lose weight.
  4. Compare to other forms of exercise, walking is the least strenuous of all.
  5. It prevents certaion types of cancer.
  6.  Helps you to cope better with stress.
  7. It helps you to feel better.

Aside from the reasons above, I prefer walking now because I get to see the views and take pictures!

Yesterday I walked for around 2 hours from our place and to the other side of the hill and home again.

Great view from the bridge.
The view back me. Still on the bridge.
I took the Bærland route.

Nice view from up here!

When I reached the main road, a snow storm passed by.
The wind was really strong!

A small tunnel.
Inside the tunnel. 
The roundabout
Another hill to climb! On my way home here.
Almost home.

These pictures were taken by me using my HTC. Till next post πŸ™‚

Rebel Chic is Going Healthy

There are lots of reasons why we should live a healthy lifestyle. (I don’t need to write it down in this post.) However I just want to share why I’ve decided to change my some of my eating habits.
I’m a person who loves to experience all the good stuff. I believe that life should be treated so well that I eat anything that is good for my soul (aka tasty foods), since life is so short. But I noticed that I easily get sick these days and it makes my sleeping life complicated and hence my working life is harder.

So I made these rules for myself regarding what I should eat and what activities should I do.

  1. Buy and eat fruits instead of chips.
  2. Play with my Kinect games often, if possible.
  3. Eat dark chocolates instead of regular chocolates.
  4. Avoid sodas on weekdays.
  5. Make walking outside a habit.
  6. Eat a lot of salads.
  7. Drink lots of water. 
  8. Drink lots of tea.
  9. Exercise regularly.    
  10. Avoid too much salt.

A friend once told me that I don’t need to mind about my diet because I ain’t fat but then I told her that I just want to take care of my health. I think it is wise to do it now when I’m still young to avoid chronic illnesses in the future.

If you are wondering if I’m going to cut down fast food. Well my answer is no, but I’ll just lessen visiting Burger King or McDonalds. πŸ™‚

My Achilles’ heel

Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, strawberries make excellent addition to desserts, cakes and shakes. Not only that, it smells really good too.

I’ve been to the grocery last week and got delighted when I found this view. *.*drool*

A small bunch costs 30 nkr/ 5usd

 11×2 layers of goodness! This shot was taken at Ica supermart in Sandnes.

My homemade dessert. Strawberry filled with lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Bra for sjelen! 

Then last weekend, my bf, sister, a friend of my sister and I went to visit my friends in Sandnes. They made strawberry desserts for us too. πŸ™‚

Strawberry milkshake (consists of fresh strawberries, sugar, milk and vanilla ice cream)

Sliced strawberries with cream

Each of us had 2 desserts that day. ha ha! yes! We’re spoiled.

I think it is the simplest dessert to prepare. Since all we had to do is to wash the strawberries and take away the leaves. It is perfect for all kinds of events or get-together.
I’m addicted to it not because it is addicting, but because I’m weak when it comes to anything that is sweet and sour at the same time. So if you’re going to make my day complete, buy me strawberries.
How about you guys? what are your weaknesses? πŸ™‚