Level Up

About a month ago, hubby and I decided to take our relationship to the next level, that is to get an aquarium. I was hesitant at first because I heard that having a big aquarium requires lots of work and responsibility. You have to think that this is going to be the habitat of your chosen fishes, so everything should be in place.

We bought a 350 liter Jewel aquarium from an online shop. The filter and heating system is included and it has already been attached. Plus, the fluorescent lamps are included too. The accessories were bought at a local pet shop near our place. Hubby opted for a plain black background. The aquarium table/furniture was also bought online. It is also from Jewel.

Neither of us had knowledge about starting an aquarium. I thought that all we have to do is to fill up the aquarium with water and put the fishes in it. Thanks to my hubby for patiently reading articles, forum entries and blogs. Now we have learned that the water should be tested for PH, Nitrite, Ammonium, Nitrate, KH and Iron levels. It took us around 3 weeks before we introduced some fish in our brand new aquarium because we have to make sure that the ecosystem is ready. Actually we got a little help from his cousin who also has an aquarium. He gave us around 200 liters of his aquarium water to us in order to speed up the process.

We only have seven Congo Tetras in the aquarium at the moment. We wanted to see if we can manage to keep the fishes alive before adding more fishes. So far I think the fishes thrive in their new habitat. They have also grown bigger.

As I’ve said in the beginning, I did not like the idea of having an aquarium but after a couple of weeks of having it here, I feel like I am more relaxed and hubby is happier. Now I don’t mind about the maintenance. 🙂




JBL’s tester kit.




Testing the ammonium level.






Congo Tetra



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