The Worst Enemy

Most people say that our worst enemy doesn’t come from others but ourselves- our mind. I can say that it’s true because no one can run away from an annoying mind and our annoying selves. No matter what we do, we are trapped in the same space and the same time. Sometimes our plea to make that annoying and most heartless “mind” dissappear or just shut up simply won’t work. It doesn’t want to leave us alone. Instead, it feeds us thoughts that are so powerful that even the most trained physical body would be put down on its knees. The worst enemy has the power to make a zombie out of you or worse, lead you to self destruct.

So what do we do?

We human beings have defence mechanism. We either fight or flight. When we have decided to fight, we fight for our survival and for what we feel is necessary to defeat the worst enemy. It’s not an easy road though. There are hurdles and the risk of defeat. On the other hand, we can also choose to just go and try to forget the whole story, but it comes with a cost as well- it will eat us slowly or if not trap us in a circle and make us suffer. Whatever we choose, the consequences are there just waiting for us.

Going back to the question, what do we do? Well, we seek help to defeat the worst enemy. Sometimes we just have to let our pride take a step back and we surrender to those outside of our comfort zone and let go of the things we got used to. In the end, we should ask ourselves, what matters most to us and use the answer as a weapon against the worst enemy.


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