The Trip to Huldefossen

Again, I’m taking advantage of the sunny weather that we have here in the west. So whenever I’m on the mood for a hike or a short walk after my shift, I either skip dinner (eat only crackers) or finish my dinner really quick to explore new places around Førde.

Today I drove to Mo to see Huldefossen (waterfall). In my previous post I went to Sunnfjord Museum which is an outdoor museum. But because of the fog I didn’t see the falls then. However, today was a perfect day. I’m glad and delighted to visit a very beautiful place. And it’s just a 12 minute drive from the my flat. I drove on the mainroad E39 in the direction of Ålesund and turned right to Mo and Jolster videregående skole (school). I parked my car by the school and from there I walked to the wooden bridge.

“Beach” along the Movatnet
The wooden bridge

The falls! Huldefossen
It’s possible to get closer to the falls.
Outdoor toilet and a small barn?

To sum up this mini trip, I really had a great time exploring this wonderful place. The waterfall itself is not just an eye candy but also a spiritual therapy. I could feel that my soul’s recharging good vibes. Nature is indeed a healer.


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  1. Divine looking place

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