Just a Piece of Advice

My lack of updates on this blog are due to my hectic schedule at school and Wordfeud. Yes you’ve read it right! Call me a nerd but this game app is occupying at least 30 percent of my leisure time, but I’m not complaining because it’s improving both my English and Norwegian vocabulary. You guys should try it too! Aside from that, you can chat with your opponents too. However beware of chatting with strangers because some of them are perverts and/or pedophiles!
There is an article on vg.no about an old man who used Wordfeud’s chat feature to victimize an 8 year old girl. Good thing that it was found out by the girl’s parents or else it would be a disaster. So parents make sure to supervise your kids when playing any online games because there are lots of bad people out there.


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