You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of planting. Just being outside of your house and having access to a garden reduces anxiety, stress and mental fatigue and can also improve concentration. All you need is a dash of sunshine, healthy soil, pots or a portion of your garden, garden tools and of course you outside of your house.

A couple of weeks ago, the whole country had a very warm summer. The temperature was high but tolerable, and the sky’s blue which is perfect time to be outside and do some gardening.

I planted a couple of sunflower plants outside that were sowed in spring. I admit that I’m not good in planting but I gave it a try anyways. And good thing I did it because I felt better mentally.

I remember that I was nervous that time because I was waiting for the grade/result of my bachelor thesis. I was tensed in three weeks but thanks to the plants and planting, I got better and forgot that I was waiting for something big that I’ve worked hard for these past few years.

So today, the sunflower plants are growing but there are no flowers yet. Crossing fingers that they survive the unstable weather here in the west. 🙂

A sunflower plant
The roots
Planted! Mission accomplished! Now I just have to wait for the flower. 🙂

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