Cheap, Sexy and Fast

Decluttering my closet is almost a never ending story. I give away clothes that I don’t wear anymore but I also love to shop for new clothes. Then I feel a bit down so I have to cheer myself up by shopping for more clothes or stuff that I don’t need. My friend said that it’s alright to spoil myself sometimes to feel better and besides I love dressing up. Okay then! 😄

So, I browsed the Wish app and I suddenly felt the need to dress up as Psylocke from X-men. That’s when I searched for a blue bodysuit and found the perfect costume for me. I bought right away because it was also on sale. It’s cheap for a bodysuit set but I don’t expect that the quality is good either. Then I was surprised because after just a week, I got a message from the courier already! That was fast! A bit unusual for packages from Asia.

Then when I tried it on it was perfect. The quality’s good and it looks exactly like the one in the picture below.

A Screenshot from Wish app

So, yes, I’m happy with this purchase. It just proves that not all cheap stuff are bad. 😊


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